Animation Edits

Adam Ruins Everything – A lot of episodes of Adam Ruins Everything have act-long animations, and depending on the subjects, sometimes more. From the animatic, to the final picture, we worked closely with LowBrow Studios on making great, story-shaping animations. For my part, I was scoring, adding SFX, updating VO as needed, giving timing notes, and making lifts all while editing the rest of the live action show. Due to the nature of the show, to get episodes to time, we’d invariably need to make lifts in the animation – the animators might’ve hated this, but it was always a top priority to make sure the pacing in animated acts never suffered.

Politicats – This was a project I was involved with from it’s conception, working with SunnBoy Entertainment for Shut Up! Cartoons. My role was much broader with this series, because we had to take an all-hands-on-deck kind of approach. Initially, I was only designing characters and animating them in After Effects, but then I was editing animatics, doing sound design, scoring, or providing my voice talent.